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Road Trip May 11, 2024

Folks, we have a fun CCC road trip going late morning to late-afternoon on Saturday, May 11.  Via the Jamestown-Scotland free ferry over the James River at Jamestown to the Hampton Roads Winery (HRW), 6074 New Design Road, Elberon, Va 23846 our lunch and wine stop. 

  • Once in Williamsburg, take the Lightfoot / Route 199 exit from I-64 East.

  • Follow Route 199 to Jamestown Road (Route 31).

  • Route 31 will take you straight to the Ferry Dock.


Meet at 10:40 a.m. at the Jamestown end of the Ferry dock on Route 31 at the line up area.  Based on the ferry, the car capacity is 50 or 70 cars for the 20-minute ride over.  We plan to leave on the 11 a.m. departure.  The plan is to drive some narrow and hopefully scenic Southside country roads and work up an appetite for our lunch break. We will end up at the Hampton Roads Winery in Surry County sometime before 1 p.m. I will publish a lunch choice menu of the HRW later in April, but you can also bring your own food (no wine please) too.  Some of you might have been there since it is only about 20 miles from Williamsburg.

Returning home is on your own schedule…Ferry departs every ½ hour if you go North or you can go East to the James River Bridge.

Their motto is  “Come for the wine, Stay for the goats.” Check out their web site Once you do, their motto will make more sense.  


If you think you are interested in making the trip with us, please let me know how many persons via email or text: and my cell is 757-876-4497.

I will firm up head count and share the route in early May.  BTW, low tide that day is 12:45 p.m. and high tide is 7:14 p.m. for our “low-riders” so our timing should be good.


Heldur Liivak

 CCC Event Coordinator Second Class (newly promoted)

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