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For Sale

Some of you may remember Carl Caifero. He contacted me and he is selling his 2014 Corvette. It's a Convertible 3LT with 8k miles. It's located in San Antonio TX. it still has 7 months left on an extended  warranty. He asking around $48-52k. His email  If interested or need more info.


This Saturday March16 is cars and coffee.  GOD Bless, John

2013 Corvette GS convertible - $38,500 (Williamsburg)



The doctor told Kathi today that she has a long recovery.  Effectively told her that the Corvette is not a car she should be using. Her back is much too weak to twist and bend to get in/out of a car like that.

I have decided to sell the 2013 GS and buy a manual trans C7 or C7.

Please pass along to the club:  2013 chevrolet corvette for sale by owner - Lightfoot, VA - craigslist  The price is negotiable for club members.  This is not a fire sale.

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