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Meeting Notes - June
Meeting Notes - May

​We had a great meeting at Ann's. The food and service was great as usual.


June Birthdays: Becky, Christine, Carole Hunt, Larry Giles, Cynthia Machtinger, Sharon Taxter. Happy Birthday to all


So we discussed our trip which left on June 20th. We had 13 cars depart Williamsburg, 12 Corvettes and a Chrysler Cordoba, and no Ricardo wasnt driving the Chrysler but it did have rich Corinthian Leather. The destination of Breaks Interstate Park was amazing. It was quiet, relaxing, and had good food. There were deer around the hotel there and scenery was breathtaking. Thanks to Dan and Brenda for arranging this. Who needs travel agents when we have them. Cant wait to see our next destination.


Dont forget our August meeting will be at Two Rivers. Thanks to Michael Taxter for setting this up. July meeting is to be determined. 


Our 15th anniversary club picnic is September 7th keep this day available. It will be at Wallers Mill park. Final details will be out shortly


Have a great summer:


GOD Bless


It's May and you know what that means!  Yep, another meeting of your Club.  This time the dart landed on Shorty's on Route 143 (see how easy it is to do this!).  The time will be: 6:30 p.m.  The date will be Wednesday the 15th.


Yipes, that's only 2 weeks from now. Let me know if you are coming, please. Denny, Almost the 23rd Permanent Coordinator of whatever this is.


PS: If you didn't get this email, please tell me (and you know who you are). 


PPS: My contract for 2025 hasn't been renewed yet, you still have time!

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